Outdoor Bowls

Pennant Results


Midweek Tuesday 1st December

A1 Benalla vs Yarrawonga 

Benalla lost 42/52

Skips S Warfe lost 9/17

B Armstrong lost 15/18

T Exton won 18/17

A2 Benalla vs Wodonga

Benalla lost 57/63

Skips J Hodder lost 11/31

M Sellars lost 19/20

I Brond won 27/12

A3 Benalla vs Kiewa

Benalla lost 53/69

Skips B Rettke lost 15/28

A Campbell lost 18/27

J Lia won 20/14


Saturday 28th November 2020

Weekend Pennant Results 

This round was postponed to be played at the end of the season due to the Heat Rule.

Midweek Tuesday 24th November

A1 Benalla vs YMGCR

Benalla lost 41/76

Skips T Exton lost 9/39

S Warfe lost 15/24

B Armstrong won 17/13

A2 Benalla vs Mansfield

Benalla won 64/61

Skips I Brond lost 17/22

J Hodder lost 22/24

M Sellars won 25/15

A3 Benalla vs Wodonga

Benalla won 65/51

Skips A Campbell won 24/14

G Greene lost 13/27

J Lia won 28/10


Weekend Saturday 21st November

A1 Benalla vs YMGCR

Benalla lost 67/104

Skips C Cooney lost 6/42

K Leask lost 15/17

B Armstrong won 28/24

S Warfe lost 18/21

A3 Benalla vs Mulwala RSL

 Benalla lost 65/88

Skips J Hodder lost 11/27

G McNutt lost 14/28

M Sellars won 23/13

R Lockwood lost 17/20

A4 Benalla vs Wodonga 

Benalla lost 68/86

Skips L Lidgerwood lost 17/26

I Brond lost 20/22

B Rettke lost 16/19

A Campbell lost 15/19


Midweek Tuesday 17th November

A1 Benalla vs Corowa Civic

Benalla won 59/58

Skips T Exton won 25/12

S Warfe lost 13/28

B Armstrong won 21/18

A2 Benalla vs Corowa RSL

Benalla won 69/55

Skips I Hobson won 22/16

J Hodder won 26/23

I Brond won 21/16

A3 Benalla vs Moira

Benalla won 67/40

Skips A Campbell won 18/12

J Lia won 22/17

B Rettke won 27/9


Weekend Saturday 14th November – Round 2

A1Benalla vs Corowa RSL

Benalla lost 57/91

Skips C Cooney lost 23/14

K Leask lost 25/13

B Armstrong lost 26/12

R Warnock won 18/17

A3 Benalla vs Yarrawonga

Benalla won 81/79

Skips J Hodder lost 27/16

G McNutt lost 17/24

M Sellars won 21/17

R Lockwood won 27/11

A4 Benalla vs Tungamah

Benalla lost 67/100

Skips L Lidgerwood lost 12/33

I Brons lost 16/21

B Rettke lost 18/24

A Campbell lost 21/22

Midweek Tuesday 10th November

A1 Benalla vs Club Mulwala

Benalla won 65/48

Skips K leask won 20/15

S Warfe won 23/14

B Armstrong won 22/19

A2 Benalla vs St James

Benalla won 57/47

Skips I Brond lost 14/20

J Hodder won 15/13

M Sellars won 28/14


A3 Benalla vs Yarrawonga

Benalla won 62/49

Skips G Broderick lost 16/25

B Rettke won 20/15

A Campbell won 26/9


Saturday 7th November

A1 Benalla vs Yarrawonga 

Benalla won 81/76

Skip Chris Cooney lost 17/23

Bill Armstrong won 22/16

Kerri Leask won 24/23

Rod Warnock won 18/14

A3 Benalla vs Rutherglen

Benalla won 84/63

Skip J Hodder lost 15/17

G McNutt won 25/18

M Sellars won 30/11

R Lockwood  lost 14/17

A4 Benalla vs Milawa

Benalla lost  54/67

Skip L Lidgerwood won 19/9

G Broderick lost 8/24

B Rettke lost 14/16

A Campbell lost 13/18