Outdoor Bowls


Saturday 30th November –

A1 Benalla vs Wangaratta Benalla won 91/84

Skips D Salan lost 19/27

C Cooney won 28/10

C Randell lost 22/25

S Beaton drew 22/22

A2 Benalla vs Wodonga Benalla lost 88/100

Skips J Stevens lost 16/28

W Johnson won 24/21

G McNutt lost 23/24

W Armstrong lost 25/27

A3 Benalla vs Wodonga Benalla lost 95/98

Skips J Hodder lost 20/33

C Nicholls lost 15/28

B Rettke drew 24/24

M Sellars won 36/13

B1 Benalla vs Swanpool Benalla won 84/48

Skips A Campbell won 20/16

G Broderick won 39/14

D Brooker won 25/18

Wednesday 27th November 2019Ted Briggs Memorial Day tournament brought together 28 teams from Bendigo, Broadford, Elmore, Euroa, Mansfield, Shepparton Park, Swanpool, Wangaratta, Yarrawonga, YMGCR & Benalla.  The day consisted of 4 games of 12 ends of triples.  Winners were R Tait, R McKenzie & J Woods from Yarrawonga with 4 wins and 41 shots up.  Runners Up were J Stevens, E Tomkins & G Lessing from Benalla with 4 wins and 38 shots up.  Third place went to G McDonald’s team from Wangaratta with 4 wins and 22 shots up.  Good weather, good company and good bowling was enjoyed by all.


Tuesday 26th November 2019 –

A1 Benalla vs YMGCR Benalla won 69/54

Skips K Leask lost 17/18

W Armstrong won 34/11

S Warfe lost 18/25

A2 Benalla vs Corowa RSL Benalla won 68/65

Skips J Hodder won 22/19

D Lindsay lost 14/31

R Bickerton won 32/15

A3 Benalla vs YMGCR Benalla won 63/54

Skips B Rettke won 31/9

M White lost 18/23

G Broderick lost 14/22

B1 Benalla vs Corowa RSL Benalla lost 62/65

Skips B Broderick won 21/18

A Campbell won 27/15

M Tilbury lost 14/32

Sunday 24th November 2019 – Benalla Bowls Club hosted the remaining rounds and finals of both Women’s and Men’s State Singles championships for the Ovens & Murray Region.  The Women’s final was between Kylie Whitehead (Wodonga) and Peta Mattys (Wangaratta).  Peta was the eventual winner after an excellent final.  The men’s final was between Ian Brimblecombe (Wangaratta) and young Tyson Cromie (Yarrawonga).  Ian prevailed after again a wonderful display of lawn bowls from both players.  Both finals were played in wonderful spirit and we congratulate all players.

Saturday 23rd November –

A1 Benalla vs Corowa Civic. Benalla lost 96/97

Skips- D Salan lost 25/26

C Cooney won 31/21

C Randell won 21/20

K Pugh lost 19/30

A2 Benalla vs Myrtleford. Benalla won 90/87

Skips- J Stevens won 34/10

W Johnson lost 23/24

G McNutt lost 16/27

I Brond lost 17/26

A3 Benalla vs Yackandandah Benalla lost 66/119

Skips- J Hodder lost 21/32

C Nicholls lost 27/28

B Rettke lost 12/25

D Lindsay lost 16/34

B1 Benalla vs Moyhu. Benalla lost 63/64

Skips- A Campbell lost 18/20

G Broderick won 27/25

D Brooker won 19/18

Tuesday 12th November-

A1 Benalla vs Rutherglen. Benalla won 89/50

Skips-  K Leask won 24/19

W Armstrong won 23/19

S Warfe won 42/12

A2 Benalla vs Moira. Benalla lost 61/71

Skips-  J Hodder lost 21/22

T Armstrong won 26/20

R Bickerton loset 14 /29

A3 Benalla vs Yackandandah. Benalla lost 72/75

Skips- G Broderick lost 15/32

M White won 30/18

B Rettke won 27/25

B1 Benalla vs Wareena. Benalla won 83/59

Skips- B Broderick lost 18/35

A Campbell won 31/13

D Tilbury lost 17/28

Saturday 9th November 2019

Social Bowls – 12 bowlers played 2 games of 12 ends of 2 bowl triples.

Winners were J Dennis (skip) A Rowler and J Archer with 2 wins and 11 shots up.

Saturday 9th November-

A1 Benalla vs Wodonga. Drawn Game. 90/90

Skips D Salan lost 22/26, C Cooney drew 22/22,

C Randell won 22/20, k Pugh won 24/22.

A2  Benalla vs Moira. Benalla lost 83/103.

Skips J Stevens lost 25/26, W Johnson lost 19/25,

G McNutt lost 15/28,P Brock drew 24/24

A3 Benalla vs Rutherglen. Benalla won 98/79.

Skips J Hodder won 33/12, R Bickerton won 28/23,

B Rettke lost 18/27M Sellars won 19/17.

B1 Benalla vs St James. Benalla won 80/56.

Skips A Campbell lost 17/27,

G Broderick won 41/10,D Brooker won 22/19.

Tuesday 2nd November-

A1 Benalla vs Corowa Civic. Benalla won 73/68

Skips K Leask lost 25/28, W Armstrong lost 15/24, S Warfe won 33/16.

A2 Benalla vs St James. Benalla won 79/50

Skips J Hodder won 35/14, Ted Armstrong lost 17/19, R Bickerton won 27/17

A3 Benalla vs Moyhu. Benalla lost 66/67

Skips G Broderick Drew 25/25, M White lost 13/22, B Rettke won 28/20

B1 Benalla vs Club Mulwala. Benalla won 66/65

Skips Bill Broderick won 28/21, Alan Campbell lost 17/18, Joan Hooper lost 21/26

Saturday 2nd November-A1 and A2 were washed out.

A3 Benalla vs Yarrawonga. After the completion of  60 ends Benalla lost 46/64

Skips J Hodder won 14/13,

G Greene lost 11/22

B Rettke won 14/10

M Sellars lost 7/19

B1 Benalla vs Tungamah. After the completion of 45 ends Benalla lost 38/49

Skips A Campbell lost 9/14

G Broderick lost 9/17

D Brooker won 20/18